Level 60 Tauren Warrior

Strength: 269
Agility: 143
Stamina: 362
Intellect: 25
Spirit: 47
Armor: 4625
Health: 5444
Mana: 0
Arcane Resistance: 0
Fire Resistance: 0
Nature Resistance: 10
Frost Resistance: 10
Shadow Resistance: 10

+50 Attack Power.
Increased Defense +22.
Run speed increased slightly.
Improves your chance to hit by 3%.
Improves your chance to get a critical strike by 12%.
Immune to Disarm.
Increases your chance to parry an attack by 1%.
Increases the block value of your shield by 15.
Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%.
Use: Dispels all Immobilizing, Slowing and Stun effects.

Other Stats

Back: Deathguard's Cloak (Agility +3)
Chest: Zandalar Vindicator's Breastplate (Health +100)
Feet: Defiler's Plate Greaves (Stamina +7)
Left Finger: Band of Accuria
Right Finger: Don Julio's Band
Hands: Stronghold Gauntlets (Strength +7)
Head: Helm of Wrath (Stamina +10, Increased Defense +7., Increases the block value of your shield by 15.)
Legs: Legionnaire's Plate Legguards
Neck: Eskhandar's Collar
Shouders: Defiler's Plate Spaulders
Left Trinket: Blackhand's Breadth
Right Trinket: Insignia of the Horde
Waist: Defiler's Plate Girdle
Wrist: Bracelets of Wrath (Strength +9)
Mainhand: The Unstoppable Force ()
Ranged: Blastershot Launcher